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Happy Thanksgiving: Avoid Grease Down The Drains

Happy Thanksgiving: Avoid Grease Down The Drains

With all the wonderful things Thanksgiving has to offer, such as turkey dinners, family gatherings, and football, there are some things you need to be cautious of in your home. For household drains and aging sewers, the worse thing you can do is put your excess grease down the pipes, and into the sewers.

In the heat of the moment and in the chaos in the kitchen, the simplest way to get rid of fat from turkeys, bacon and roasts is down the kitchen drain. There it will remain clogging the pipe and trapping food scraps until the only solution is to call the plumber.

The best solution is to save a tin can and wait for the grease to cool a bit before pouring in in. It will eventually solidify, and at that point you can throw in in the trash. No plumbing issues, no calls to the plumber, but lots and lots of leftovers!